Tai Wood Burning, Multi Fuel & Anthracite Coal Stove

FuelMulti Fuel, Wood burning & Anthracite Coal
Colour OptionsTraditional Mat Black


Dovre Tai Wood burning & Multi-fuel Stoves

A cast iron stove range with a difference; Dovre Tai wood burning & multi-fuel stoves are powerful heating appliances with a thermostatically controlled heat output.

Thanks to the heat retention qualities of their cast iron construction, these stoves will continue to radiate heat long after the fire has died down.

Tai wood burning stoves & multi-fuel stoves are offered in either the medium sized 35 wood burning model or the larger 45 models, which feature both wood burning and multi-fuel versions.

Offering a high degree of installation versatility, both Tai 35 and 45 stoves can be selected with optional short legs for a lower profile, which allows them to be fitted into smaller fireplaces.

With their elegant design and curving details, these versatile stoves can suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. Their distinctive looks are ideal for those who desire something a little different for their living space.